Myrholm, situated in Copenhagen SW, is the second of six housing islands in Engholmene and consists of 210 attractive and modern, but different flats. All flats have a view on the water, where on one side you can look at the beautiful canal system and on the other side, you have a view of the cosiest harbour environment in town. The flat are equipped with at least one balcony, and several have both a balcony and a private roof terrace.

On Myrholm, the flats are designed with focus on functionality and aesthetics. There are big windows, and a thought for transillumination ensures that the flats are bright and have a good indoor climate.

For architect Kasper Danielsen / Danielsen Architecture, one of the most important goals has been to create functional homes. Homes that people can reside, live and be in, and which consider their needs.

Myrholm was completed in 2019 and has a total area of 20,000 m² 

BY København
PROJEKTTYPE Bolig og retail
ARKITEKT Danielsen Architecture
ANTAL M² 20.000
OPFØRES SOM Salg til slutbruger