Engholmene, BC3, Office, Retail


Engholmene is part of the area ’Enghave Brygge’, the last site on the southern harbour bank of Copenhagen. The area completes the 15-year long urban development of the harbour.

ProgramProject development
Completion (year)2023
Size m²12.000

As part of the 11 new-build islands of Enghave Brygge, Engholmene constitutes the six northern islands closest to the city, with more than 2,600 residences and 1,600 workplaces. NPV develops all six islands of Engholmene.
Furthermore, 35,000 m2 of commercial properties next to H.C. Ørstedsværket will be developed.
These properties are divided into three parts of which this, Construction site I, constitutes 12-16.000 m2.
An underground parking zone operationg all three sites will be established, and further prospects of divisions are in progress, either as building of headquarters or company houses. The commercial properties will be developed according to the client’s requirements and area needs. On Construction Site I, close to the harbour, the development of a unique 9-stories high rise is in progress.

COO, Partner
Kim Lang Sørensen

+45 22 40 46 48

Development Manager
Carsten Plambech Pedersen

+45 81 71 00 22

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