NPV wants to be among the market's leading property developers within sustainability and innovation

Sustainability and innovation are core values for NPV. They are among the most important building blocks for the property and urban development of the future.

As a representative of the industry, we must constantly evolve and be curious about solutions and possibilities that use new technology to improve the construction processes and consider climate as well as the well-being of the people and enterprises that are going to use the buildings today and in the future.

Therefore, NPV wants to be among the market’s leading property and urban developers within sustainability and innovation. This intention obliges.

Certified in sustainability

NPV has taken out a premium membership of Green Building Council Denmark (GBC-DK), which issue DGNB certifications in Denmark. GBC-DK is a non-profit member organisation, working for the enhancement of sustainability in the construction industry and minimising the emission of greenhouse gases. All our construction projects comply with the DGNB certification criteria.

Technology and innovation

Things are evolving fast at the moment, and the technological possibilities of building and developing projects are constantly creating possibilities of optimising and thinking smarter, both when it comes to financing methods and development. NPV is up there with the others at the forefront as founding partner with PropTech Denmark. Here the newest knowledge and research are collected and shared, which can inspire both NPV and partners’ development projects for the future.


”Our membership of Green Building Council Denmark supports our vision to create the innovative and sustainable buildings of the future – with focus on function and form to the benefit of both people and environment”

CEO of NPV, Jens Schaumann

Global goals as an integrated part of project development

NPV is working actively with the UN’s sustainable development goals within construction and renewable investments for the benefit of a global and climate-responsible development. As a starting point, NPV will always integrate at least three of the specific goals in the individual projects.

Everything counts – including the proximate and simple solutions

NPV seeks sustainable solutions where it is possible and makes sense. In the proximate as well as at the structural level. A few examples of initiatives would be a minimisation of waste water with collection of rainwater, solar cells, installation of extra recharging points for electric cars and partnerships with car sharing schemes. Our experience includes considering and incorporating the possibility of establishing small biotopes and green habitats and breeding locations for birds, insects and bees on roofs or between buildings in the towns of the country.

Building business premises for the future

 Sustainability is also future-proofing and well-being for those who are going to use the area and the buildings. Here NPV is working to develop commercial properties which consider the future needs for flexible workplaces and companies’ possibilities of sharing their economies.

”Sustainability is a headline for all our activities. Our customers are very conscious that we do something which is sustainable in the long term. The whole question of how we leave the planet to future generations is an important factor”

CEO of NPV, Jens Schaumann