Station Project


NPV is developing a large housing area by Hillerød Station.

We are developing homes for all with great flexibility in the housing composition. The development will consist of family homes and smaller homes in several sizes for students or singles. We would like to create a foundation for the community for all, hence a common room is fitted out in the heart of the building with room for many opportunities for expression. A joint laundry will also be established. Parking will be provided in a safe, open structure underneath the building with recharging points for electric cars, parking for the disabled, etc. 

The building is intended to be erected with bright-coloured roofing tiles with mansard roof with reference to buildings in Hillerød and the area. 

The new project is scaled in relation to the surroundings, and the architecture will be adapted to the character of the area so that the existing buildings along Søndre Jernbanevej and Hammersholtvej will interact with each other. 

The development is divided into 2 main bodies of the buildings. One building will form the back against the railway grounds and will create a noise wall against the remaining buildings and will be descending gradually towards a smaller and lower building facing Sdr. Jernbane alle. By defining the corners of the plot against the area, the course of the street is tightened. With its differences in levels in the main bodies of the buildings and heights, the city’s scale is assimilated, and the house geometries are adapted to the surrounding houses.

In the middle of the buildings a common green yard space will be created which will be attached to the station zone by a path such that the connexion between the station and Hammersholtvej is maintained. 

In Hillerød, a number of large building projects will be developed and erected, and the big enterprises in the municipality attract investments and labour from the whole world. The number of jobs will grow, not least because of the new super hospital in the new part of town of Favrholm. Towards 2028, Hillerød will see a growth in population of more than 17 per cent.

CITY Hillrød
ARCHITECT Mangor & Nagel


Mangor & Nagel



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