Collaboration, sustainability, and innovation are crucial cornerstones of future real estate and urban development.

At NPV, we aspire to be among the best in our field.



Reflection, diligence and experience. Our projects are created with the ambition to continue having value – for future generations, too. Please refer to the list of the current projects.


Follow the latest news about NPV and the current projects we are developing within city and property development.

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 At NPV we develop projects with a sense of aesthetics, function, innovation and sustainability. We develop on the basis of the wishes and needs of the buyers, users and investors.

NPV develops residential and non-residential properties primarily in Greater Copenhagen and in Denmark’s larger towns and cities. 

With construction of high-quality we accommodate the growing demands for construction in the expanding Danish towns and cities. NPV develops the framework for homes, offices and whole urban areas. 


With extensive knowledge of the needs and demands expected of modern constructions, our projects unite modern technologies with the excellent traditions of Nordic and Danish building practice. NPV creates real estate success through collaboration, a controlled development process, due diligence in financial relations and the delivery of high-quality construction on time and at the right price.