Sustainable initiatives

Collaboration, sustainability, and innovation are crucial cornerstones
of future real estate and urban development. 

As a representative of the industry, we must continue our development and be curious about solutions and opportunities that introduce new technologies, which improve construction and processes that favours the climate, the people and the business who will use the building now and in the future. 

At NPV, we work with following sustainable initiatives:

Certified in sustainability

NPV has taken out a premium membership of Green Building Council Denmark (GBC-DK), which issue DGNB certifications in Denmark. GBC-DK is a non-profit member organisation, working for the enhancement of sustainability in the construction industry and minimising the emission of greenhouse gases. All our new construction projects comply with the DGNB certification criteria.

Technology and innovation

Things are evolving fast at the moment, and the technological possibilities of building and developing projects are constantly creating possibilities of optimising and thinking smarter, both when it comes to financing methods and development. NPV is up there with the others at the forefront as founding partner with PropTech Denmark. Here the newest knowledge and research are collected and shared, which can inspire both NPV and partners’ development projects for the future.

Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri

”Our membership of Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri supports our vision to create the innovative and responsible buildings of the future – with focus on function and form to the benefit of both people and environment”

CEO of NPV, Jens Schaumann

Global goals as an integrated part of project development

NPV recognizes the importance of complying with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, which is why we always incorporate three or more goals in every project.

Everything counts

We ensure to include sustainable solutions whenever it is possible. This is why we work with solutions such as the minimization of wastewater with rainwater collectors, establishing solar cells, setting up charging stations for electric cars, advocating possibilities to share transport and establishing small and green habitats on roofs or between buildings.

Offices for the future

We are developing modern office buildings that accommodate future needs for flexible workspaces, which allows tenants to share some of the financial burdens. With shared spaces, the project’s square metres are fully optimized. This is why it is possible to lower operational costs and overall consumption for the benefit of both tenants and the grand scheme of sustainable development that includes us all.