NPV develops residential and commercial properties focusing on the Greater Copenhagen Area and the large cities in Denmark. NPV does not own the projects we develop, consequently all project development is conducted in close partnership with the proprietors.

NPV manages and advises on optimizing property portefolio and handles all owner’s interests, such as acquisitions, operation, improvements and selling.

Being successful as property developer requires great insight in the demands on the final product of both buyers and tenants, close control of the development process which often includes changes of local and public planning, great insight in financial matters and executing construction on time, at the right price.

NPV has solid experience with all valuable aspects of handling real estate.

A significant part of the development process is a thorough preliminary analysis of all project cases, as well as having the know-how to adjust the project to market conditions and changes.

Whether we develop shopping centres, commercial buildings, housing, hotels or other properties we decisively emphasize that the results meet the wishes and needs of both residents, owners and others regarding function, esthetics and innovation.


“With the market’s most extensive know-how and advanced technology, we aspire to create inventive and sustainable buildings of the future – with considerable focus on functionality and design, benefitting both people and environment"


“We create room for people – focusing on functionality, aesthetics and sustainability"


All employees at NPV work according to the following values:

Customer focus:

– be service-minded and have the ability to present news and ideas with the needs of the client/partner in focus.


– establish and develop customer relations built on trust and respect.


– be willing to adapt and co-operate. Be a source of inspiration, be enthusiastic and join hands.


– be flexible and able to rethink – pursue results and alternative courses.


– improve procedures, assets, products and business structures for the benefit of our clients, our partners and ourselves.

Return of investment:

– to focus on potentials and timely be able to cut off blind tracks.


NPV’s fundamental skills include i.a. the identification of properties with potential within value increase, negotiation, handling purchases, presentation and managing the investment case on behalf of investors and proprietors, including fiancial planning.

NPV employs exceptionelly skilled minds with significant professional know-how such as:

  • Project developers – residential and commercial
  • Rental specialists with strong networks
  • Contract managers and controllers within all aspects of construction
  • Financial experts – funding and furnishing equity capital
  • Drawing up budgets, presentations and prospects
  • Asset managers
  • Property management
  • Accounting and finance


The company’s resources are organized in project groups crosswise within the organization to solve each case according to skills and fields of expertise.

The purpose of this structure is to ensure our clients a strong organization fully utilizing both our know-how and resources, and which at the same time supports a solid foundation of innovation and professional growth of our employees.

Some business procedures are outsourced to specific external partners, matching our high standards, and that way allowing us to focus on our function as a creative, innovative managing partner on the projects.

Organizing, protecting and developing the employees of the NPV company are essential parametres of succes in order to carry out our objectives.


NPV strives to be among the leading developers on the market of innovation and sustainability – in this context, we have signed a premium membership of Green Building Council Denmark and a founding partner membership of PropTech Denmark.

Jens Schaumann

Jens Schaumann

Kim Lautrup

Kim Lautrup

Director, Partner

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Kim Lang Sørensen

Kim Lang Sørensen

Director, Partner

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Anders Boe Hauggaard

Anders Boe Hauggaard

Technical Director

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