At NPV, we work on the basis of insight and reflection. We develop projects based on the buyers’, the users’ and the investors’ wishes and needs. And we care about sustainability and durable solutions that reach into the future.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, function and innovation, we develop projects ranging from ambitious urban development and creative conversion of historic buildings to the development of residential / commercial properties and shopping destinations. In that context, we may highlight projects like Engholmene, Sydhavnsgade and Amager Strand – all of them in Copenhagen – and BIG Shopping in Herlev.

Knowledge, competence and dedication

NPV is a knowledge company, and our work rests on a strong foundation of competence and dedication. Our resources are deployed across the organisation in project groups, where each individual task or case is solved by the employees who are best qualified for the specific task. NPV is one of Denmark’s leading development companies, and precisely development is a key element in everything NPV is working with. As founding partners with PropTech Denmark, we constantly participate in the collection and sharing of the most recent knowledge in technology and innovation.

Collaboration that creates successful results

At NPV, we always strive to develop projects in close collaboration with our investors. With a strong collaboration we create results that our investors and partners can be proud of. The projects must be robust and at the same time yield an attractive return. For more than 18 years we have been collaborating with a wide range of private investors, venture capital firms and pension funds from Denmark and abroad, and we are known for always delivering a positive return.

Value for future generations

A successful result emerges when the right parties pull in the same direction with a strong shared vision. Therefore, we are selective in relation to the projects we engage in. Our development projects must stand forth with the same clarity and strength now as well as for the future generations. They must continue to offer value to users and surroundings. We work with the UN’s world goals as an integrated part of our project development, and we have a premium membership of Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri.

The long-term perspective always remains in focus when we work with the development of neighbourhoods, e.g. Engholmene, Amager Strandpark, Sydhavnsgade, where quality of life, aesthetics and cohesion are created in a welcoming environment.

At NPV, we believe in the generations of the future and we support them. NPV has several sponsorships and supports both local sports associations and elite teams with some of Denmark’s most talented young athletes. NPV supports cycling, kayaking and football, among others. Read more here

Residential and commercial properties in Germany

 Over a number of years, NPV has accumulated a lot of experience and expertise in all forms of asset management of residential and commercial properties in Germany. Our sister company, PPF Immobillien Management GmbH, is headquartered in Ahrensburg, Hamburg, and is especially known for having a commercial approach that generates added value for our partners.


We create space for people focusing on function, aesthetics, and sustainability.


With the market’s brightest minds and best technology, we want to create the innovative and sustainable buildings of the future – emphasising function and form for the benefit of people and environment.