Nobelholmen is located in the South Harbor of Copenhagen at Engholmene, the apartment project was developed and built by NPV. The project consists of two buildings, Kanalhuset and Karrébygningen, situated right next to the water. 

192 quality homes with spaces between 61-152 sqm were finished and delivered by NPV – ready for rental. The different apartments sizes of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms accommodate the needs of Nobelholmen’s diverse tenants, which include singles, families, and couples. 


Engholmene is the new channel-district in the South Harbor of Copenhagen, situated close to water and the pulsing life of Copenhagen. Dybbølsbro Station, Sluseholmen, a Harbour Bath, Fisketorvet Shopping and the exciting restaurant scene at Kødbyen is all located within a short distance of Engholmene. 


At Nobelholmen and in the South Harbor one experiences the unique and maritime atmosphere, which characterizes the whole area at Engholmene – the new channel district of Copenhagen.