An increased interest in starting a business on Engholmene

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Engholmene, Copenhagen’s new canal city, is an exciting new neighbourhood that has sprung up, mixing housing with offices, hotel and commercial life. It is precisely the diversity in the area and the many types of attractive business premises on the canals have contributed to creating an increased interest from enterprises, restaurant owners and other business owners.
Engholmene is a rapidly developing area. Many new residents have moved in, and the beautiful summer weather just emphasises how lovely it is on Engholmene with the canals and the many small bridges and wooden wharves. The increasing settlement of new residents and interest in the area generally can also be felt by an increase in demand for the area’s business leases. Large glass facades on the canals overlook the canals and space for outdoor service Engholmene have a very special location, where the many canals and bridges create a unique atmosphere. When the area is completed, the coming yachting harbours will further emphasise the maritime feeling on Engholmene and create lively traffic by visitors. Hence the developer has focused on creating some attractive business premises that precisely exploit the very special location on the canals and the wonderful light on Engholmene. Through the many business premises run the large glass sections that open up towards the canals and invite light and visitor inside. Several of them have the possibility of outdoor service and are brilliantly suited for, e.g., café, ice-cream parlour, restaurant, coffee or wine bar. Engholmene consists of six islands which all form part of Enghave Brygge, which consists of 11 newly constructed islands in all. When the area is fully extended, it will hold 2,600 new homes and approx. 1,600 jobs. Apart from homes and business premises in association with the homes, Engholmene also comprises Engholmene Business Centre, offering a wide selection of office facilities for both small, medium-sized and large enterprises. The placement is central at a walking distance from Fisketorvet’s Shopping Centre ”Copenhagen Mall” and Dybbølsbro Station. During 2024, two metro stations will open nearby, ”Havneholmen” and ”Enghave Brygge”. Precisely the combination of homes, yachting harbours, office trade and commercial life means that Engholmene hold a large customer potential for many different types of business. The large selection of business premises vary in size from approx. 100m² to approx. 200 m². Some have the possibility of outdoor service, others have associated basement with storage space. It could be an obvious location for a hairdresser’s, flower shop, baker’s, physiotherapist, cosmetologist or other small shops and service trades. 1,000 people are already living on Engholmene, and several of them have also shown an interest in the attractive business premises. The local inhabitants have discovered the business potentials on Engholmene. Those who have been living on Engholmene for a few years experience how the area is really beginning to come alive. More and more people move in, some of whom contemplate whether to move their own business to Engholmene. There have also been many enquiries from residents who themselves have entrepreneurial dreams or know someone who has and who see Engholmene as the obvious place to transform dreams into reality. ”We are positively surprised at the increased interest in business premises that we see from the residents on Engholmene. I think it is related to the fact that the residents both see and feel the potential of the area in their own daily life. It is also really interesting to see the breadth of the enquiries. Not just cafés or office space are wanted. We also have enquiries for premises for hairdressers, health and other small niche trades,” relates Jacob Sahlin Olesen, Project Manager for development & letting on Engholmene. Engholmene is an area where you see right at this moment a rich and lively local environment blossom forward. Many different initiatives, from the local residents, contribute to creating a good atmosphere in the area. Everything from shared fitness training on the wharf to neighbourhood help, winter swimming and different social events. Precisely the strong team spirit between the residents and the desire to create an area that is alive and rich in activities can turn out to be an important success parameter for the companies that settle on Engholmene. Both research and experience do show that a rich and vivacious local environment has a positive effect on the businesses in the area. If you would like to hear more about the possibilities of the business leases on Engholmene, you can read more here: https://npv.as/portfolio-item/engholmene-fb/ You are also welcome to contact Jacob Sahlin Olesen, JSO@npv.as