NPV A/S supports the retail industry with sponsorship


Engholmene, with Copenhagen’s new canal city and Engholmene Business Centre, is just one of the many projects carried by NPV A/S, where from the start, a combination of housing, trade, office, F&B and retail- and grocery shopping is thought into the development of the area. Hence it makes good sense for NPV A/S support the retail trade as co-sponsor of Detailforum Awards

Detailforum Awards is organised by Detailforum, which awards a number of prestigious prizes every year to pay tribute to innovative solutions and initiatives in the industry. This year was the 38th time that Detailforum awarded the prestigious ”Detailforum Prize” and a number of other big prizes.

We must pay tribute to those who deliver an achievement out of the ordinary

NPV A/S participated in the event as sponsor of a travelling scholarship of DKK 15,000, which is presented to a trainee in the retail trade. This year, it went to Brian Pedersen from REMA 1000 in Åbyhøj, who would like to go to Beijing to see the JD.com “7 Fresh” supermarket, where the webshop has been moved to a high-tech physical shop in the battle against Alibaba.

”For us it makes really good sense to support Detailforum as co-sponsor of their prize award Detailforum Awards. We see it as a good occasion for underlining our support for the retail trade and hailing some of those who deliver an effort out of the ordinary. Many of our projects precisely involve representatives from the Danish retail trade, hence we would of course very much like to contribute to celebrating the industry and the development we are seeing in the area,” says Kim Lang Sørensen, director and partner in NPV A/S.

The very big prize winner of this year’s Detailforum Awards was Matas, which received the prestigious ”Detailforum Prisen” and was named as Årets Omnichannel – Omnichannel of the year. It is particularly their ability to build a successful customer club, create customer-centric solutions, hit new target groups and their success with digital transformations, which were highlighted by the committee. The Retail Entrepreneurship Prize was also awarded at the event to Mikkeller and Detailforums Kampagnepris to Lidl. Detailforum is Denmark’s biggest retail trade network, gathering managers from the Danish retail trade and associated industries in a cross-sectional network. The Forum’s purpose is to create a framework where the members can exchange opinions and share experiences, ideas and points of view and find inspiration for new initiatives in the Danish and foreign retail trade. NPV A/S recognises the value of this type of network in full, and several of the coming tenants in Engholmene’s business premises will also come from precisely those industries.

Engholmene Business Centre becomes part of an active local area

On Engholmene, NPV A/S has from the start attached huge importance to developing an area with room for diversity, an active local environment and a blossoming commercial life. Hence, apart from homes, business premises have also been thought in which meet needs from major supermarket, small trade, cafés, restaurants, etc. Already now we can see that it is coming to fruition, expresses Kim Lang Sørensen, director and partner in NPV A/S:

”We can see how much it means to our property projects that good conditions are also being created for the retail trade. It quite simply contributes to activating a local environment in a very special way. For instance on Engholmene, we experience right now that many of the area’s residents contact us because they can see some good opportunities of opening a café or a hairdresser’s on Engholmene, or because they wish to move their existing business here. Overall, we have received amazing feedback on Engholmene – both from residents and visitors. It will only become even better here as the area is being completely developed. Of course we are looking very much forward to experience how the coming Engholmene Business Centre also becomes part of the area and the life that has already sprung into full bloom on Engholmene.”